Meet Loku !!!

Loku and his family live in Sigiriya in the middle of Sri Lanka. They operate a little, beautiful homestay in Sigiriya. The house is newly renovated and has a beautiful backyard. Loku was working in the past in hotels in UAE and the Maldives and know how it works. His wife Mali is an excellent cooker and is also doing cooking classes in the homestay. I had the best Rice&Curry in whole Sri Lanka!!


The family is just beautiful and helped me a lot during my stay. Loku is very modern in his thinking and I took the chance and did a little Interview with him. We had a lot of fun :-)


If you come one day to Sigiriya you have definitely to stay at the Sigiriya Village home stay!!!


Please introduce yourself! Whats your name, your age, your profession?

Hmspwijesundara thats actually his name and I was not able to write it down, we were laughing a lot! He is 34 years old and is a cook.


What do you think about your country?

Im happy about the country because we have a beautiful country and it totally changed now.


How ist the education in your country?

Very good now. Everything is free of charge now for everyone until the university. 

The children have to got to school like in germany.


What do you think about the tourists in your country?

50% Im happy 50% Im not happy. (laughing) both i have to say. Because we have a good culture in Sri Lanka but it also get milted by the tourists and also by the young people from Sri Lanka.


What do you like the most about your country?

The most I like the beaches, like Trincomalee. (thinking) and Sigiriya because of our „golden rock“.


If you can change one think in your country, what would it be?

The answer came very fast: Elephant riding!!! We have a lot of activties here for the foreigners.

We should not use the animals for this.


What should a tourist defintely do in your country?

Enjoing our food. Seeing our beaches and learn about the culture.


In which country would you like to travel, if you can choose?

SWITZERLAND because I want to see the chocolate river! We start laughing a lot and I explained him there is no chocolate river. But people in Sri Lanka are saying there is one. So I want to got to switzerland. Especially beacuase we have no chocolate (still laughing).


--> I think that was an serious answer :-)


What should a tourist defintley eat in your country?

Kottu Roti is like a Roti made with lokal pasta and Rice&Curry, of course!




If you have three wishes for your future what would it be?

1. Im going to make more five babys (the wife was standing next to us J)

2. I have to make a swimming pool for here (for the homestay)

3. I want to the help the poor people in my country.

Lokus answers were short but he doesn't need a lot of words to explain what he is thinking! I like that, more people should learn that :-) If you are staying at the homestay its like you are a part of the family and Im very thankful to met this beautiful family!! 

Thank you Loku!!!

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